Tuesday, May 09, 2006

This is not social hour

****Let it be known that I am in a particularly foul mood today and have had a migraine for days, so the opinions that I generally keep to myself are being expressed today.****

This is a rant that I've wanted to get into for several months. I wrote part of it a month ago and am finishing it today.

My former best friend, the one I divorced, (DBF) decided to homeschool her three children this year. They are 11/f, 6/m and 4/m.
See, the problem with their socialization is that they are not seeing good role models and they are not seeing other children. The oldest now plays house and makes mud pies like her six-year-old brother. Tell me that is a positive thing. Aside from that, she is starting to act like her mother - that definately isn't a good thing.

The youngest one simply is too young for formal schooling. The middle child is the reason they were removed from one of the top schools in the state and the oldest is homeschooled simply because she wanted to be at home.
DBF had something against the school they went to (and Boy Child attends) before she even walked through the doors. She got upset because she couldn't find her child one day after school.
The problem wasn't that he was lost; it was because she didn't know the rules and know to look for him (as a walker-she changed it that day) with the bus riders.

DBF has admitted to me (because she has a big mouth and doesn't know when to shut it) that she only schools about once a week.
Will someone please explain to me how her children are getting the knowledge in one day from someone who has no college education that they would get in an entire week from someone who has been taught to dispense knowledge?
I know this rant will drive the homeschoolers into a frenzy ... let it be known that I am not necessarily against homeschooling ---- if it is done right.
I am against her form of homeschooling.
She is one of the people who give this lifestyle a bad name.


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