Thursday, May 04, 2006

Don't Blow Me

I have a strange phobia.
Well, not so much of a phobia as a quirk or maybe you could call it a pet peeve.
I can't stand for someone to exhale in my face.
And not just when they're sick. I freak out about it any time, anywhere. It makes for some strange kissing moments.
I don't like breating someone's used air.
Now, I realize that humans actually exhale quite a bit of oxygen when we breathe and that it isn't toxic in any way. Still, I can't get around the whole idea that the air just came out of their body and is going into mine. (I have no problem with Pita's other parts going into mine though. heh!)
If someone is far enough away and blows in my direction, then it's ok because the air has diffused and I'm getting only a small part of used air.
After nearly 3 years I couldn't hide it any longer and I finally told Pita about this quirk.
He already thought I was a bit crazy, so no real change there. But now he thinks it's funny to blow in my face and watch me squirm or struggle to hold my breath before it reaches me.
Fun times at Casa Ice.
Before you press the comment button, read this:
I already know I need help, so don't bother.
However, if you have a weird quirk, tell me about it so I won't feel so alone.


Blogger Brown Eyed Woman said...

I feel the same way.. I also can't sleep with the covers over my head cause I don't like "hot" air. (even though i know i'm full of it Heh) and for some reason, i don't like the bath room door completely open, but it can't be latched. Cause what if i have to get up in the middle of the night to go potty? I don't want to walk into the door!

2:49 PM  

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