Thursday, April 20, 2006

50 things

Ok, so I haven't written any posts that tell you a bit about me, so here goes...
1-I am divorced.
2-My ex-husband truly is an idiot.
3-I have two kids (ages 12 and 7).
4-My daughter, whom we will call Girl Child, runs track.
5-She will be 13 in May.
6-She thinks she is 35.
7-My son (known here as Boy Child) is in Boy Scouts.
8-I am his den leader this year although I won't be next year.
9-My best friend that I divorced (see first post) will be leading the Wolf den.
10-I was in Girl Scouts for five years.
11-Girl Child was in Girl Scouts for about a month.
12-Boy Child also plays baseball.
13-I hate baseball.
14-The only time I will watch a game is when he is playing.
15-Girl Child was molested by my ex-boyfriend (the Demon) who is serving his time in jail and will be released in October.
16-She was 9 when it happened.
17-I had no clue.
18-We were in counseling for about a year.
19-She has post traumatic stress disorder because of it.
20-She is finally starting to act like a normal, well-adjusted child.
21-At his parole hearing he said he did it out of malice.
22-How could I have ever loved such a demon?
23-I have been engaged four times.
24-Only one of those resulted in marriage.
25-The demon was one of them.
26-I am engaged now to Pita and have been for over a year.
27-We were going to get married March 18, 2006.
28-Katrina messed up those plans.
29-We live in the only part of coastal Louisiana that was not hit by Katrina or Rita.
30-We realize how lucky we are.
31-This marriage should last.
32-My parents love him.
33-So do the kids.
34-Most importantly, I love him with all my heart, mind, body and soul.
35-As cliche as this sounds, he is my soul mate.
36-He's my other half.
37-We were both English majors.
38-We both love the theatre and were participants forever.
39-He loves the mountains and I love the beach.
40-He proposed on the river front in New Orleans on my 30th birthday.
41-My birthday is Jan. 30.
42-I am an Aquarius.
43-He is a Libra.
44-Girl Child is a Gemini.
45-Boy Child is a Sagitarius.
46-Ex-husband is a Leo.
47-I believe in astrology and use it to determine how relationships function.
48-I am a Pagan.
49-I am a witch as well.
50-But I don't cast any spells to turn people into frogs.
51-That's just too cliche. heh!
52-I use the term "heh!" entirely to much in e-mail.
More to come later...


Anonymous Mabel said...

Thanks for sharing! I love these things.

11:15 PM  

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