Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Divorcing Friends

Divorcing these kinds of friends in never easy. By refusing a future relationship, it feels like you are disrespecting the past.
Divorcing your friends is truly harder than divorcing your husband, yet surprisingly similar.
You share kids and memories. The memories make it more painful when you have to meet up for the sake of the kids. The divorced friend is one who transcended the label of friend and became "family".
With that pillar of support now gone, you wonder where to turn next. The first crisis, the next holiday ... they all are difficult to deal with.
You return the key to her home, divide up your belongings and move on. All that is left of the relationship is a jumble of memories that make up the past and a few akward meetings sprinkled into the present.
You wonder if you could, if you should, try to salvage the relationship. Then you remember why it is that it all fell apart. The realization that there is no future for this part of your life only sinks in little by little, the whole of it entirely too much of a jagged pill to swallow at once.